Trespassers W - Fly up in the face of life

Cor Gout: vocals
Lukas Simonis: guitar, backing vocals
Frank van der Bos: keyboards, samples, accordion, backing vocals
Colin McClure: bass
Cor Hoogerdijk: drums, percussion, backing vocals

Guest musicians:

Marcel Aartsen: trombone
Peter Haex: trombone
Frans Friederich: trumpet
Luc houtkamp: samples
Dolf Planteijt: effects, guita


1. Kite In Weimar
2. Come Fling Down With Me
3. Artemesia Gentileschi
4. The Lost Souls
5. Sehnsucht
6. Saint-Ex
7. John Daniels Pressed The
8. Toads Are Trippy
9. The Day When The Stones Raided Scheveningen
10. The Circus
11. Houdini
12. Raven's End
13. Bad Sparrow
14. Ikarus
15. Oom Jan's Hemelvaart
16. Angelic Face Of North East England Could Be Fatal Distraction


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