Cerberus Shoal - Bastion of Itchy Preeves

Thomas Rogers/ Drums
Caleb Mulkerin/ Guitar
Chriss Sutherland/ Bass and Vocals
Karl Greenwald/ Conceptionaliser
Erin Davidson/ Bass and Vocals
Colleen Kinsella/ Musician
Liz Hysen/ Musician
Tim Harbeson/ Trumpet, Keyboard, Shakhhachi and accordion
Tom Kovacevic/ Guitar, Oud, Zamponya and Vocals


1. Grandsire (5:33)
2. Cloud No Bigger Than a Man's Head (8:07)
3. Bogart the Change (13:13)
4. Shaky Bull (2:10)
5. Me and My Dead Head: Baby Gal (5:00)
6. Me and My Dead Head: Train Car Nursery (3:40)
7. Tekel Upharsin (13:51)
8. Nonex (10:30)
9. Marimus (6:37)
10. Head No Bigger Than a Man's Cloud (6:40)


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